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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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USA, North East

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Por jumpingmouse5@hotmail.com , 20-12-2006

Bodyboarding in Norfolk??? - Hey..Im commin over from Australia for a few days around New Years...

Whats the surf potential around the Norfolk area?

Por Anonymous , 18-11-2006

to the webmaster ....where is the map?? - Can you add a map to this place??

Por nicolas-kovac@hotmail.fr , 20-07-2006

french exchange student would dicover US waves - i'm a surfer from france and i would like to know if somebody could recieve me for one year for a exchange student in usa ( please speak around you and contact me or ASSE exchange student internationnal )http://www.asse.com/


Por gmogmz@gmail.com , 06-07-2006

HELP!! I'm Moving there!! - Hi everyone, i need serius help, look i'm a guy from chile and have surf for a while here but due to some family issues i'm moving towards this region, and i'm kindo of sacared of the quality of the waves, or for what i see if there any surf there, i'll be living there for like a year and will need someone that guides me there. please help!!!!

contact me on my email.

Por autonomicpilot , 05-06-2006

Source for Delaware/Maryland/Virginia forecasts - Check it:

Por anonymous , 15-03-2004

VA representer - i surf 1st and were not kooks we rip...sorry this aint westcoast man, you must really rip at pipe brah.

Por 87th Street , 11-02-2004

2-7-04 - 3-4 in morning quickly fading, south swell, hatteras much better. West winds.

Por anonymous , 10-06-2002

no title - Maryland Shore, Not Virginia

Por anonymous , 19-03-2002

Hey, your own fault - It's your own damn fault you went to 1st st with all the aggro kooks and groms, you should go to the other breaks where the locals who actually know how to surf and enjoy sharing the water are

Por anonymous , 05-03-2002

Va Beach 1st St - DORKS !!!
I have been blessed to have surfed many cool places in the world but this place would rate the worst.Its not the lack of surf like you would think. Its the stupid "locals" that try to dominate the surf.They take a wave,do a couple of carves and fall off their boards (they really rip).
Hawaii has nothing on this place.I invite all traveling surfers to stop by 1st St. and have a laugh

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