Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Isles of palms pier

USA, South East, South Carolina

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Por Anonymous , 01-09-2007

hey shut up - IOP for one doesnt suck and the waves are actually descent, and "anyonomous" whoever you are you don't have any idea what you're talking about because when it's 8 foot and glassy out here its just as good as sebastien or the outerbanks you must have only been out once cause i go everyday and i figured out the sets take forever to come in, but when they finally do, and kooks like you already left cause ur to impatient to wait, you can get some sick rides in. If IOP sucks i wanna know whats better. I've been to one place thats better and that's Pavones way down in Costa Rica

Por todd meister , 12-06-2007

true dat - the pier is for garbage, but i live in Mt. Pleasant and i dont think the ride is worth it to go all the way to folly beach for waves that might be better. but sometmes IOP isnt that bad.

Por Anonymous , 30-08-2006

- IOP is straight garbage. And the people that surf here are garbage and need to just stop surfing now before any hot girls see them and they never get laid

Por anonymous , 09-04-2006

- Ya'll are crazy. Yep thats right ya'll. Folly is bigger and breaks harder than IOP but if it's the end of a work day and I'm in Mt Pleasant I'm going to IOP. Washout is always crowded if there is surf. In the summer it is way to crowded.

Por local at iop , 14-02-2006

- its true, iop is pretty much flat, but it can have its days, everyone thinks folly is soo much better, and ill admit it it WAS till it got screwed up so those ppl talking shit can save it until folly's beach erodes away again

Por rory , 04-11-2005

iop - i surf at the iop all the time. tourists are bad i agree. why doesnt the mayor or somethin make a desinated area for the surfers. then everyone is happy.

Por your daddy , 05-10-2005

to cali fag - growing up surfing in sc you don't get to surf near as much as you would like but I will say when traveling I meet more kooks from cali than anywhere. What the hell is wrong with you if you can't surf good when you can practice any time. I will Get shacked off my ass then drop in on you. stick with ventura. Oh yeah and cali sucks balls alot of the time bitch.

Por iop local , 17-08-2005

- who ever wrote that comment about tourists and how they try to jump off their boards and hit them or w/e is obviously just as much of a kook as the tourists your prolly one of those kids that does flips of the side of your board on two knee high waves tryin to be cool. so you can stay outa the way at the peir too

Por Pink and Blue Castle Crew , 08-08-2005

clarification - Someone needs to fix the description of IOP waves, because obviously the person who wrote it doesn't know what they are talking about. I mean, come on avg. wave size 4-5 ft?! Thats storm waves for IOP. I would say avg. size is weak and mushy 1-2 ft. In summer it can get up to 6-7 ft. NO. Hurricane season brings some decent waves depending if you are out there at the right time. But never an 8ft. wave more like 4-6 ft. wave on a winter ground swell or after a big hurricane.

Por anonymous , 16-07-2005

- i came really close to hitting a tourist while surfing at front beach. My cousing would actually bail on his board and purposely try to hit them. It was pretty funny. But the tourists only get in the way if the waves are horrible. If they're any good, they break too far out for tourists to swim in.

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