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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 South beach

USA, South East, South Florida

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Por islandhopper4life , 12-03-2008

Yes go there... - You're absolutly right much better up at delray, palm beach and deerfield no need to ever come down to Miami again. We never get good waves there is no such thing as a Noth swell, there are no fine ladies/models, the water is ugly and there is nothing to do at night.

Por Anonymous , 29-01-2008

go to deerfield - surfed south beach and had the worst experience ever. surfed it on a good day(north swell and offshores) and the wave quality did not impress me. If its not a kook that drops in on you it sure will be the agressive locals cursing you out. It is so crowded I almost got my new JS dinged by a C surfboard in the lineup! totally NOT WORTH IT. I found deerfield, boca, delray and palm beach much more enticing

Por islandhopper4life , 21-01-2008

sure... - Hey Rich, the "local" sceen at South has fizzled out big time over the last 10 years or so. So getting the shit kicked out of you for "not surfing good" is hard to belive. Do you understand the concept of dropping in on someone or cutting them off. I would guess you don't and that's prob what happened. It's kind of like crossing the street look both ways before you go. Nobody is just going to walk up and say hey ur a kook and kick your ass. Just about everybody here is a clueless barney and they don't get beatup because for the most part they stay out of the way.(if ur vocal) Next time ur in town stay by 5th St

Por Richard Smithsten , 09-01-2008

beat up - I went to South Beach for the first time on that last good swell and got my nose broken and 2 teeth punched out because I didn't surf good.

Por joe ocean , 15-02-2007

south beach - Uhh south beach is not the top destination as far as surf spots go but it can get good once in a while. I'm from jersey and vacation there once a year in january for a few weeks and I normally get to surf it a few times per trip but most of the time I surf upcoast. Hurricane swells are best but it gets good with winter cold fronts and north swells too. I've been going there for three years and the best day was when a big cold front passed, the air was 59, and chest-head high suprisingly powerful peaks were breaking hard over the bottom. It's also fun on east windswell as it tends to be a little more top to bottom then other spots, but these swells die fast because its only a 90 mile fetch from the bahamas.

Por El Cache , 26-11-2006

Surfing in Miami - I get a laugh reading all these messages, especially the come pinga kooks from hawaii, why the hell did you move here. The reason I'm here is because of family responsibilities. I've been to Hawaii, lived in Cal for six years and yes the waves do suck here, but we do get some good surf in south florida. Now south beach is the MEGA KOOK capital of the world when it's knee to head high, but you'll earn your respect where they won't drop in on you, but when it get's solid overhead the crowds do thin out a little bit. On those rare day's South Beach is the best break in Florida and if it's not breaking we can surf Palm Beach, Stuart, Melbourne etc.! By the way it is great that we can hop on a plane and go to the Carribean, Mexico, Central America, Latin America and Euerope Non-Stop. P.S. Las latinas on the beach are the best in the WORLD!

Por Anonymous , 08-10-2006

- is it true that the south beach locals get together at the local bath house to wash each other down after a night of bukkake?

Por Kibistek , 10-08-2006

No waves - Don't really bother taking your board unless there is a hurricane in the area. The Bahamas, Virgin islands and all that get in the way of any swell heading for south beach.
Go further up the coast or the other side of the world.

Por Anonymous , 08-08-2006

- Wouldnt go so far to say for pros and kakikazis, not in the same league as shark island in oz

Por aussie surfer , 08-07-2006

no surf - i went to south beach last summer and thought the
surf was shit, nothing but ankle-biters , the only
time i got a good wave was when a boat went by
if you want to see good surf click on "sydney south"
on the world map or anywhere in australia.

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