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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Olas verdes


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Por ricardo_e909@hotmail.com , 07-07-2006

Rocks - be careful with the bottom rocks they are very sharp... if you step on the wrong rock... well you dont want that..

Por hammk@pdx.edu , 09-07-2005

this town has ten points! - next to olas verdes are even better spots to surf like: shark bay, la posada, and your best wave is el pelado. Playas surf spots are not exploted by the surfing industry. If you want parties, drugs, and to be surfing in a crowded point, head to Mantonita. Playas is the beach town closest to Guayaquil-like an hour and half. Long perfect rights. Go and enjoy!!11!!!!!

Por annabarahona@yahoo.de , 28-02-2005

- That was a very good description! ;-) You have to go to the beach of Playas (direct way: through marbella) and walk on at the left side. First spot you see is "el Humboldt", behind that old wave-breaker. When the tide is low, you are able to walk to "olaz verdez", a very nice spot! If you are not able to find it, ask for the "surfers-cocktail", a bar of a very pleasure surfer, his name is bori! Ask him, he will help you!

Por ce mois , 20-04-2003

how to get there... - From Guayaquil, take a transport to Playas (also called General Villamil). At the beachfront, along the boulevard, grab your board and a snack and simply walk along the beach to the left. You will pass an old wave-breaking construction, and about a mile further is this spot. Enjoy!

Por anonymous , 25-09-2002

no title - looks good!

Por jddale@hotmail.com , 12-08-2001

Better Discription of Olas Verde Please - The access section for Olas Verde is really lacking in detail; there is no way a person could find the break based on the description... in addition, it isn't indicated on the map overview for Ecuadorian surf spots. Can someone provide a better description of the spot's location?

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