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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Puerto cayo


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Por kpbowman04 , 15-05-2009

ecuador - does anyone want to meet up and do he coast? I plan on heading north startin at Murielago and heading south. I have a month, anyone interested email me.

Por Anonymous , 18-05-2008

What is wrong with ecuadorian waves?? - People I am from the North Peruvian Coast, but at the moment I am living in Australia. I am thinking do a holiday trip to my country in the end of this year.
It'll be a good ocassion to meet my mates again, and we (bodyboarders) have though to do a surftrip trought all central and north Ecuadorian coast in January 2009....but now with these news....is it really worth at the time of the year??? Mompiche, San Mateo, Manta, Puerto Cayo y Montanitas...lo mejor??????

Por Chinoalikan , 05-10-2007

Cayo-San Jose-San Lorenzo - Hello i am bodyboarder from the city of Manta, i have been doing it for the last 15 years and i have surfed up and down the ecuadorian coast so i know it pretty well. I have to say this,yes waves here are not world class like Indo, Hawaii, Australia and so on unless you go to Galapagos Island, but it gets perfect everyday or at least 70 % of the time during the winter season from december to may and is worth it, you get beachbreaks, pointbreaks, reefbreaks lefts and rights you name it with no winds, no crowds during week days and normal crowd on weekends. So i disagree with the guy that said the a surf trip is not worth to pay to Ecuador, True not for that price that this guys from wavehunter charge with that kind of money i will expect at least Indo; but you need somebody that treat you the real way, let you know the places to eat for little money, let you know the secret spots that let me tell you they do exist, and show you the real Ecuador so you make your whole trip unforgetable. If you do not believe me that is okey more fun for me and my friends and if you do come here we will respect you if you show the same. No waves no fun.

Por Anonymous , 19-05-2007

i didnt make sense - Yeah sorry,what I meant was that the ecuador mainland is super consistant surf wise but in a wave range that averages 2-6 feet,and those conditions and breaks do not require or really deserve the infastructure of a surf charter..Especially a charter that is asking alot of cash for some extremely basic info........They may claim they are totally on it and have secret spot info etc etc but anybody with a smile and a neck that can bend 90%degress seaward from the route del sol has got it sussed......Cayo can get great but absolutely noway is it worldclass,absolutely not,especially when a boat ride can take you to the right that raps around the island 8kms south .........then the waves between montanita and lopez that cant be seen from the roads,every single local knows where they are and there all fairly simple to find...I dont mean to come accross like a fuckwit and Im totally open to critisicm or an alternate opinion.

Por Anonymous , 20-04-2007

Clarify please - Aussie, please clarify, for information purposes only. First you say Ecuador does not have consistency, "The bottom line though is that ecuador does not have the standard of waves and consistancy on the mainland to warrant a charter...", and then you say it does, "...personally,the attraction of surfing in ecuador is its consistancy and low crowd factor.It does get epic but it is the consistancy of the waves that is hard to beat..." Which one is it, are waves in mainland Ecuador consistent or not?


Por HP , 15-03-2007

Who can we contact - Hi We own property in Puerto Cayo and in Manta. We rent our condos in Manta to vacationers from the USA and all countries. We have a request for info on surfing, snorkeling, and biking. Can you help me out with this information? Now that Manta will be developed many people will be coming to the area. They all want activities for their children and themselves. Please email me at Podd4me@aol.com.

Por Anonymous , 22-02-2007

ahhhhhhhh surf companies.. - I have surfed ecuador,loved it and am there again mid april,buying some nice land in manabi provence and plan on surfing everyday conditions permit.This is why I am writting,firstly Im not going to bag anybody I dont really know but people in Australia who know I am moving there always ask the same thing..."are you gunna start a surf camp"...my answer is """HELL NO"""....First and foremost with veryfew exceptions and the galapagos ,the need for a surf camp/tour/charter etc etc on the ecuador mainland is complete and utter rubbish.Secondly the prices these people charge is abit high(thats the softest way I could think of putting it).ANYBODY who has spent time in ecuador knows that those prices are totally out of whack with the local economy and that the running costs of any operator doesnt go close to justifying such steep fees... the general standard of waves in ecuador is way below the standard necessary for any surf tour infastructure....
I mean indo,mentawis,south pacific etc etc there is a need for surf charters and the prices are steep,but ecuador NOWAY......I dont mind what people do to make a living as long as they dont hurt anybody and I certainly dont want to put shit on anyone in away that discredits them.The bottom line though is that ecuador does not have the standard of waves and consistancy on the mainland to warrant a charter and without too much effort you could spend 6 months in ecuador for the same price as one of these guided surf tours and score 50 times more uncrowded sessions..............................................................................personally,the attraction of surfing in ecuador is its consistancy and low crowd factor.It does get epic but it is the consistancy of the waves that is hard to beat....It is usually between 2-5 feet in the more exposed windows and if ya get up early even may-oct you are gunna score nice waves......................

Even Australians know how USA based surf companies have destroyed central america and the bottom line is making money,fucking up the waves for everybody whos gone their willing to explore for themselves and charging prices thatare unjustifable...shit I cant even spell so my opinions should only be given the little credence they deserve.......

Por Anonymous , 10-10-2006

this guy ed is just selling crap, pay...for nothing! - Eddy, the guy who comments on alot of these spots in ecuador is just selling them like burgers. We all know ecuador is fickle and the fact is that if you thinking about laying down some cash for a trip to ecuador, especially a surf tour with Eddy and Wavehunters...forget it. they make is sound like youll score when in fact 90% of the time its weak and windy. pay first, suffer later. thanks eddy for keeping the soul out of surfing and your bank account rolling.

Por ed , 31-10-2005

Puerto cayo rules! - I have surfed Hossegor ( as good as it gets ), I have surfed almost everywhere in Costa Rica ( tons of beach breaks ) and a few other spots around the world. I can say this: When that place breaks with the rigth swell direction, the rigth wind direction and at the rigth tide, it gets epic!!!
I have surfed it a few times.
Give it a try and enjoy!

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