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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por Niall Darwin , 15-08-2010

Punta Hermosa Accom - I stayed at Marita's after reading about it here. It was great. I stayed full-board for not much cash (not sure quite how much sorry). Super hot showers were great for the South American winter, food was great but the two best things were:
The coffee - grown on Marita's husband's farm up in the Andes
Marita - very friendly, chatty & helpful.
Truly a welcoming place, recommended.

Por Anonymous , 20-10-2009

El Niño - Does anyone know, how strongly would the weak to moderate El Niño effect on the coasts and surf from Lima to North between october/january? Peru seems like a great place, but could the weather ruin it all? Any experiences?? all info would be appreciated!

Por Anonymous , 19-10-2009

cost Maritas house - can you tell me how much it is to stay there? Also I am travelling alone. Has anyone rented a car there and will I need one?

Por Anonymous , 13-10-2009

answer to anonymous, Shufshops? - Hi there,

yes, there are several surf shops (selling very good peruvian wetsuits, as well as shops from intern. companies) and shapers in Lima.

For wetsuits: Wetsuits Boz, http://www.wetsuitsboz.com/

Shapers: Whayo Whilar, http://www.wayowhilar.com.pe/
Klimax, http://www.klimaxsurf.com/

Thay have all very good quality and have reasonable prices.


Por Anonymous , 23-09-2009

Water and Car - Hello. A buddy and I were planning a trip down to Lima during the week of thanksgiving. I was wondering how warm the water would be, if at all? Boardshorts or fullsuit? Also is it possible to get around to good spots without a rental car or should we rent a car? Thanks- Hope to see you in the water.

Por Anonymous , 21-07-2009

Chilca - There is a beach missing in chilca/pucusana where the bodyboard championship is being held... highly recommend it to pro surfers

Por Anonymous , 07-05-2008

surfshops - hello i am going to peru,somebody knows about surfshops and prices in lima?
I want to buy a shortboard but I doesnt know if I should buy it here in europe or in peru.In peru it´s cheaper and how much?

Por Anonymous , 07-03-2008

- does anyone know where to rent a house on the beach for about 15 people ?

Por Anonymous , 28-01-2008

Going to Punta Hermosa on Fev 7th Solo - Hello I am going to Punta Hermosa to surf. It will be my first time in Peru and I am looking to score some nice waves. My email/msn : waikiki228(at)hotmail.com

My msn is waikiki228@hotmail.com

Por EuroSurfer , 22-07-2007

Maritas - Thanks for the hint!Maritas place is awesome!was the best place I stayied on my 2 month Peru trip!Thanks again Marita and Family!

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