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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Peru, North

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Por frankamak , 30-01-2012

Lobitos - I am just back from 3 weeks stay in Lobitos. The surf was not always pumping but the days were spent swiming, fishing, rooming around. The village is great and its people are incredibly nice. No problem in Lobitos. I stayed in a family house which was perfect. Because it was safe, a great atmosphere between all surfers, a nice wooden house (fresher than the concrete ones), and Noemi is an incredible cook (I am french!). The place is known as Darwin's because he is the local wellknown surfer and so everybody knows him in the village. Enjoy your trip !

Por Anonymous , 10-04-2011

JA?? - To everyone who makes coments without know. I am from there, local for years before we saw JA arrived like running away from someone o somewhere, so everything what has been said before probably is true, to everyone who want to know who you are dealing with.
He is a good bodyboarder, but not the best in the hueco pls (did you like that guy bra? hehehe)and about his brother mmmm just has arrived and still gets some bad habits.
You want a better place to stay??? Ask for "La Casa de Nacho"and "Lobowasi" on the town. Also, these days there are a couple of good options on front of the point, for a few more coins. If that is not a problem for you, I advise...the bungalows, for sure!
Don't forget, respect the locals...and enjoy!

Por Frewuigi , 21-08-2010

JA - I give respect to anyone who would rather surf El Hueco and not Lobitos . The police in Peru are usually corrupt and your email is exactly the demonstation of the beeeeeg gap between the mentality of Limenos and the people of the rural areas.I think The sand is still blowing in your ears.

Por Anonymous , 04-05-2010

To Mr. Frewulgi - I live here in Peru mr., i'm not a tourist, i've been in lobitos at least 5 times and stay around a month every time, never, ever got any problem with anybody, even this guy, but all the times i've been there, this J A guy is yelling at somebody, for any reason.
He can be supportive with the community but that doesn't give him any authority to be telling people what to do or not in that town, for that we have police mans and mayor etc...
The words on the streets are not exactly from Lobito's town you as***le, are the words on the streets of Lima where he did his sh*t, long time ago and the he moved to Lobitos and turned "christian"... people just should know that, actually he was charged on serious charges that actually got edited on my first comment, not talking about "not angelic things" like pranks or just stealing some car stereo, i'm talking serious shit, i think maybe even you don't know my friend. and I repeat, people should know that!!!!! it's their right!!!
People have the right to know with what kind of people they're dealing while they're travelling!!!!
There's a lot more people doing better things than him in that town and they are not show offs, the just keep low key and do some real things... I don't think this guy deserve's any respect.
So if you just go to someplace, and think that in two weeks you get to know somebody, and then giving full respect, thats you're problem...

Por frewuigi , 04-02-2010

frewuigi - to "word on the streets" hahaha there is only one street and ina ghost town the only words are the wind which seems to have blown alot lot of sand into your ears.Jose Antonio might have done things in the past that were not angelic but he is a good person and many of Peru's surfers recomend him . I stayed with him once for two weeks and him and his brother surf El Hueco like no one else .So give him respect in that dept . More importantly he is really involved at local community level alot more than most with good intentions to preserve Lobitos for the people of Lobitos and not wanker developers coming to spoil a great thing . Yes he has strong Christian values which does put off the goof-ball dope smokers but theres lots of place for that just not in his house . And thats why its safe .Keep calm in the water there punks and enjoy the desert .

Por Anonymous , 26-12-2009

stay away from the kook! - Lobitos is great, here in Nov/Dec and the crowds are not too bad you will get heaps of waves. Seen some of the waves go through some big sand bank changes during a month or so....Piscinas is firing right now.

There is one guy here who always wears a hat and thinks he is tough....everyone here has had words with him, he loves to take off deep and kook the good waves and if you are unfortunate enough to drop in on him prepare to be blamed for him sucking. Someone come here and punch this guy in the face. Merry Christmas!

Por Anonymous , 08-11-2009

Lobitos, Peru Info - Just come back from surfing lobitos for th second time. I highly recommend that you check out intrepidsurfer.com for very good information on the place, this is the only site that provides this for lobitos

Por Mariano , 04-11-2009

Nevermind the xenophobes - Nevermind this dude's comment about not surfing Lobitos unless you are Peruvian. Unfortunately every country has it's dickheads. You are more than welcome to come and surf our waves, especially this amazing spot. Cheers.

Por Anonymous , 26-10-2009

HAHAHAHAHA - Lobitoz is awesome of course you guys are afraid because you are dam turkeys chikens or in peruvian PAVASOS WE ARE THE OWNERS OF OUR BREAKS SO DONT FUCKIN COME BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT WELCOME U NEED TO BE PERUVIAN IN ORDER TO RIDE LOBITOZ



Por Anonymous , 06-10-2009

Lobitos Review - Excellent place, have to be aware from strange people but never felt unsecure in the place, the only person you have to be aware of is Jose Antonio, the word in the streets says he is an ex-convicted (by serious charges) who converted into "christian", i think this person could be very agressive sometimes, don't recomend even to talk to this guy.

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