Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Por Nicolas De La Jara , 30-04-2004

Del Peru a Indonesia by boat - Playgrounds en Indonesia tiene 12 surf points, tambien te recomiendo correr RIFLES y Macarronis ademas de las ya archi populares rompientes.

Por Angel Tinnelli , 27-04-2004

Indo by boat - PLaygrounds en Indonesia tiene 11 points conocidos y 2 caletas. Playgrounds in Indonesia has 11 well known surf spots and 2 waiting to be found. Anyone knows if Peru's "Coltur" surf tour is going this year to Indonesia. I've seen photos of Team Peru surfing Indonesia big. Carlos Ruiz de Luque, Matias Mulanovich, Maggo de la Rosa, Sofia Mulanovich, Gabriel Magnet, Mark Block, Andres Montleaux. Peruvian surfers always riping.

Por Nicolas de Trazegnies , 27-04-2004

Matrimonio con hijos surf guide - Compra la biblia peruana del surf. Peru surfing guide. Pero no creo Peru es lugar para un Belga pero si para una Belga. Alguien tiene info sobre Playgrounds en Indonesia? son 12 o 14 surf points?. Que tan lejos esta de Padang Padang (el puerto).

Por Fernando Padarazt de Madalengoitia , 24-04-2004

PERU siempre bueno - Dejen tranquilo al pobre Belguita pe tios. Vente nomas belgica y correte las mejores olas de esta parte del hemisferio aca en el Peru. Aprende espanol eso si y preparate para besar mucho culo de surfista peruano para que te dejen correr un que otra olita, Sobre todo en Lima y el Norte.

Por www.cockgaggers.com , 22-04-2004

Matias Battistoni - Hey belgian surfer. Buy the Peru surfing guide. Thats all you need to have. It's very complete and it's in both english and spanish (no dutch or french. Sorry). It gives info about places to stay, where to eat, and where and how to get to the waves.
Come to Peru. You'll love it, i think my country is one of the best ones to do a surf trip in the world. I hope your surfing skills are good though.

Por www.olasperu.com , 22-04-2004

Patrick Van Houseen (Punta Hermosa, lima Local) - Por su propia seguridad deben quedarse en el reino de la belgica. Lima los matara senoritas, dejen a los hombres correr olas. Ustedes mejor se quedan jugando en la arena. Pero manden mujeres que eso si sera bienvenido.

Por gabrielvandyke@hotmail.com , 19-04-2004

Shapers from belgium ?? - Stranger than fiction. Surfers-shapers from Belgium ?? Do you have waves over there dude. Please don't come to Peru cause here you'll die. Stay home, go to france, play in the sand. Let real surfers surf real waves.

Por gunar2000@hotmail.com , 14-04-2004

no title - hi,
We are surfers/shaper from belgium/europe. I am planning a surftrip too peru in sept. and oct. 2004. Whe are with 3 or 4 surfers(longboarders); Can i have some information for scheap sleeping. I am a shaper and would like too shape my own board in peru too safe money on the plain. I also wanne visit other shapers.
greetings from Belgium, Geert

Por www.peruazul.com , 13-03-2004

peruvian Shapers (among the best ones). - Hey Johan. Peruvian surfers are among the best ones in the world. Their boards are not that expensive but consider the extra air fee you will have to pay at the airport’s custom service for the extra weight. With Peruvian shapers you can either get board-computer-machine-made or you can require a custom made board although this last one would cost you a little bit extra cause it involves the mystic touch Peruvian surfers have. Once you use it you’ll understand what I’m saying. I would recommend Wayo Whilar --- phone 247-6343--- or his brother Milton Whilar (check this out www.whilar.com). A few others are Focus surfboards. Phone:430-0444. Swell surfboards. Phone 434-1117. Vidmar surfboards. Phone: 461-4577. Klimax surfboards. Phone 4471685.

There are many others but I don’t remember their numbers although there are many surf shops in Lima that can help with that besides finding surfboards from Hawaiian, Australian, south African, Brazilian and Californians shapers whom go down to Peru once a while to satisfy the local market. Among foreign shapers that have had the opportunity to shape and surf Peruvian waves are Glen Minami, Dennis Pang, Willis bros., Gary Linden, Jeff Johnston, Al Merrick. Rip Curl Surf Shop in Surco district and O’Neill surf shop in San Isidro district are among the many big surf shops you’ll find in Lima and can help you out.


Por celias1@hotmail.com , 03-03-2004

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I´ve got da move, that really moves, I said she´ll applue down the sky.
I´m just a sexy Boy, I´m not your Boy toy ,if you want write me to celias1@hotmail.com

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