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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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 Dashi - Honeymoon Bay


Otros lugares:

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Datum: WGS84 [ Ayuda ]
Precisión: Aproximadamente

Histórico GPS (2)

Latitud: 24° 55.942' N
Longitud: 121° 53.185' E

Notación (13)

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DistanciaViaje de fin de semana

LlegadaAcceso directo (< 5min)

¿Fácil de encontrar?Fácil de encontrar

¿Acceso publico?Acceso publico

Acceso especialNo sé

 Características de spot de surf

Nombre alternativo Honeymoon Bay

Calidad del spot de surf

Calidad de las olasNormal

ExperienciaTodos los surfistas

FrecuenciaFunciona con frecuencia


TipoBanco de arena

DirecciónDerecha y izquierda

FondoArenoso con rocas

PotenciaHueca, Veloz, Divertida

Longitud normalNormal (50 a 150m)

Longitud máximaLargo (150 a 300 m)

Marea, oleaje y viento

Buena dirección de la resacaSudeste, Este, Nordeste

Dirección del vientoNoroeste, Oeste

Talla de la resacaEmpieza en 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft y permanece hasta el 2m+ / 6ft+

Condición de mareaNo sé

Mejor movimiento de mareaMareas ascendentes y descendentes

Más detalles

Poblado durante la semanaVacío

Poblado en fines de semanaMuchos surfistas

Enlace Webcam 


- Rocas

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Por oseknowledge , 03-07-2011

Daxi - I Just surfed here last week after a typhoon and got some good quality powerfull waves, if you look around there are some waves other than the beach if the swell is good.. I had read about the trouble on the site before going but didnt see any I surfed the beach for 2 days but just took the inside waves which were still super fun.. Def not the spot to turn up with mates and snake all the waves! be cool and you should have no trouble.. I stayed at a local surf shop which is also a club and had some really nice owners who took me for food, and frothed when the typhoon waves were on.. Cools surf shop..

Por Mike , 05-08-2007

Locals - If you're a kook, the locals at Dashi don't take notice. It's when a good foriegn surfer comes which compounds the fact that they have small dicks and hate white guys who steal all the girls at the bars. The beach is a dump as well.

Por Anonymous , 26-07-2007

What the F*#$ - Ok, thank you for the advice, but its absolutely useless. I asked about places to crash not about your personal opinions of Taiwan. This is a SURFING web site! Come on people, get it together. Another thing, I just went to Daxi two weeks ago and whoever talks smack about locals is way off. I caught it 4-8 ft. faces, the waves were pretty much all closeouts (except a right off to the south side of the beach), not that great, but that aside, everyone was totally cool.

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