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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Un atlas de spots de surf hecho por surfistas para surfistas
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Datum: WGS84 [ Ayuda ]
Precisión: Aproximadamente

Histórico GPS (1)

Latitud: 54° 47.611' N
Longitud: 18° 25.455' E

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Very easy, big parking at the main road ;)
You park the car and walk 1min to the beach :)

English (Traducir este texto en Español): Very easy, big parking at the main road ;)
You park the car and walk 1min to the beach :)

English (Traducir este texto en Español): Very easy, big parking at the main road ;)
You park the car and walk 1min to the beach :)

English (Traducir este texto en Español): Very easy, big parking at the main road ;)
You park the car and walk 1min to the beach :)

DistanciaEn la ciudad

LlegadaAcceso directo (< 5min)

¿Fácil de encontrar?Fácil de encontrar

¿Acceso publico?Acceso publico

Acceso especialNo sé

 Características de spot de surf

Nombre alternativo Port

Calidad del spot de surf

Calidad de las olasPuede ser

ExperienciaTodos los surfistas

FrecuenciaRaras interrupciones (5 días/año)


TipoBanco de arena

DirecciónDerecha y izquierda


PotenciaNormal, Sin potencia

Longitud normalCorta (< 50m)

Longitud máximaNormal (50 a 150m)

Marea, oleaje y viento

Buena dirección de la resacaNorte, Noroeste, Oeste, Nordeste

Dirección del vientoNoroeste, Oeste, Sudoeste, Sur

Talla de la resacaEmpieza en 1.0m-1.5m / 3ft-5ft y permanece hasta el 2.5m+ / 8ft+

Condición de mareaNo sé

Mejor movimiento de mareaNo sé

Más detalles

Poblado durante la semanaVacío

Poblado en fines de semanaVacío

Enlace Webcam 


 Información adicional




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Por łysa małpa , 11-09-2010

Some more info ... - First, it breaks more often than 5 days a Year :)))) especially in autumn.
Second there's more than one wave, and IMO this is the most feature packed spot in Poland. It is correct it starts working at 1m swell with at least 6sec period, but, really it never closes out! Even on biggest storms there is a sheltered spot which offers 3m wave with rip current taking you right to the peak. You just go to the pier, get into the water as close to the pier as possible, paddle close to the pier and in 5 minutes you are at the entry to the port. There you wait for a decent right or a bit better left. This wave works when everything else is a total mess, but almost noone surfs it because you cant seee it until you go there. If it is more peaceful and offshore, theres another wave just in front of a big chimney or two gas tanks that are on the shore about 250m into the sea. Nice peak which works with at least 2m swell, also underrated, because it is a bit flattish, but if you cut back in the right moment you can have a good ride. If it is any less than 2m all you have is some lousy waves near the shore, all lefts and mostly closing out, but still ok for some fun or learning. For those smaller days you may use rip currents along the jetties to get to those waves.
This spot works best with northern waves, but during the summer it rarely hapens, giving more western swells. With western waves swell must be really good at least 1,5m, otherwise this spot is flat. During autumn, northern waves are more likely, and it works quite often starting at 1m, just need to wait till wind calms down ot turns to W or SW. If it is almost working but too small - go to Chałupy or Rozewie, there it works for shure then.

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